The Start.

For most educators diving into new technology can be a bit startling. Add in starting a blog and things can get downright brutal.  But with the growing need in our educational communities for “voices of change,” I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring.

My journey into education was rough.  With a career and technical degree and no traditional teaching license, I walked into a classroom with very little background on how to actually manage 20-30 kids for days on end.  Those first few years were tough.  I found that the more I bought into the strategies that were going to make me a more successful teacher, the easier it was to actually teach.

As time passed, I found myself developing as a teacher when I integrated technology into my lectures.  I found new ways to engage my students while making a smooth transition into lab work.  Six years later, while still learning new programs and systems our program has hit a stride, continuing to become a more efficient classroom and media program.

Which is where I am today.  I believe technology in the classroom should empower teachers to become more efficient so they can take their classrooms back.  With the growing evaluation rubrics, teachers have less time to do what their job descriptions ask.  Excitement has to build for any 1:1 initiative to be successful.  I get it, that last part can be exhausting, but if implemented correctly educators could see collaboration and engagement on entirely new levels.

So that is what I hope this blog will do.  Provide a place where I can reflect on my journey into educational technology and lay out a groundwork that can inspire other educators to implement new ideas into their classrooms.

Side note:  A special thanks to a great friend who helped edit my first post.

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